My creative activities date back to childhood and over the years they had an increasingly stronger impact on me and my surroundings. I made wooden decorations for houses, flower cutouts, picture frames. I painted pictures with landscapes on pieces of wood. I intensified my main artistic activities after moving to Michałowice near Śnieżne Kotły. There I made a lot of landarts in the forest, started street art activities and started painting graffiti, everything was connected with the development of painting and sculpting potential. I took part in the exhibition entitled Farewell in Mouflon Sobieszów. I showed there two paintings The Last Kiss and Farewell by Three People It's 2017. In November 2018, a painting made with two colors red (heads) and white (heads) is created, entitled "March to Independence". A painting composed of one hundred fields painted in national colors in a random arrangement depicting 100 years of Poland's independence. The view of Snow Cauldrons is a motif that I have made several times in geometrization on canvas. The Tower Power project has been launched consisting in changing the firehouse into art studios with a gallery along with artistic activities at the foot of the Witosha mountain. The passion for nature and life showed itself in geometric paintings such as "Eclipse of the Heart", random geometrization of space, abstract land art sculptures such as a stingray and reinforced rubble from a roadside ditch revitalized in the form of a praying mantis with a random mosaic arrangement bonded to its surface. After moving to Jelenia Góra, he continues his painting and street art work. There are large-format paintings, moving 1 and 2, geometrisations of the Karkonosze landscape, States of the Tower with a randomly selected cube in the color 2019. In street art and graffiti actions, I start to use sticky tape on the surface on a larger scale, creating a new geometric figure called the Crown Pyramid. I develop the geometric shape of the crown prism graphically, in various color configurations and shapes that penetrate their spaces, creating a 3D illusion.

Many times I took part in festivals and events where I artistically animated forest and club space. I invite you to carry out artistic activities with my participation. Enjoying life in a space subjected to geometrization.

About me


What I DO?

I have been traveling the world getting the cleanest shots in high-stakes situations.





Recording video on the move is a challenge for any filmmaker. Recording on boards, bikes, and more is my specialty.



In the world of extreme sports, getting the right shot is a challenge. I have been using drones to capture the dramatic edge of this world for 7 years.


Drone Filming

I am a leading editor for videos shot on film or on digital to bring the moment to life, while color grading for realism.

WORK with mE

I am a professional photographer first, and a lifelong extreme sports enthusiast. Got a project for me? Let’s talk.